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Supply : 5,000,000,000
Initial supply : 2,000,000,000
name : FESTA
Symbol : FIST
Decimals: 8


condition to be met
-Gwei :8
-Gas limit: 150000
send the desired Ethereum, minimum of 0.005 ETH
in accordance with the Presale standard to the
smart contact
FIST will automatically be sent to your wallet


TheFESTA COIN(FIST ) is the world acceptavle currency for buying and selling of rare gems. Gems which canrange from old art works to almoinds gold, silver, etc basically rare objects all around world as well as a market place for alticoinsread more

Festa A New kind of solution. Basically, more than 60% of the earthly Gems is undervalued due to the fact that people get wrong buyer for them.. This has made the Gems usless or rather worthless.... With festa... The right buyer is here

FESTA tends to the problems of (Gems value) finding the right buyer (which include but not limited to rare objects, vandalization of price by taking advantage of the seller, and object devaluation) which leads to revenue loss, low productivity, and environmental degradation among others. These problems are peculiar to all countries in the world especially .

The problem will be tackled using a sensing system that monitors search surveillance on google collections of datas and redirecting of buyers right to the position of the seller with the aid of sensors, cloud management and p2p market broad terms fitted to the position. The system send signals back to base through a predefined frequency (that of GSM) and provide video evidence, viewed via a Display mounted in the base , (google plartform) ones a predefined distance or limit so that the choice of both seller and buyer is maintained and not breached

Meetaap Parallax

Target Exchange

our road map

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

March, 2018

Conceptualization of project and research
Q4, 2018

Launch of project campaign

Q4, 2018
Airdrop 1
Q4, 2018
Q1, 2019.

Initial Token Offering (ITO)

Q1, 2019
Bounty and Airdrop 2
Q2, 2019

Market Establishment

Q2, 2019
Exchange listing
Q4, 2019
Public testing and display of product
Q3, 2020

Incorporation license(s)

Q1, 2020
Launch of main net
Q2, 2019
Launch of festa app and wallet
Q3, 2020

Meetaap Parallax

Token Distribution

It is an ERC-20 compatible token, hosted on the Ethereum network with a total supply of 5 billion. initial supply is 2billion. 1 billion of the token is budgeted for team/company and development while the remaining 2 billion will be available for token sale, bounty and airdrop

Meetaap Parallax

Frequently Asked Questions

Festa, during the Presale, is available at the cheapest price, allowing every participant to hold more at a very low rate and extra percentage awarded to 0.1Eth and more worth of FESTA

To participate in the Presale, a minimum of 0.005 should reside in personal ETH wallet and desired amount of ETH to invest sent to the smart contract

FESTA is a solution for the various problems associated with end buyers of rare objects which later results into undervalue of the objects or products , festa is extended from rare objects such as gold silver, old art works to alticoins.

Trust us, The solution that really works

Festa provides a lasting solution to the lingering problem that rocks the Many rare objects found around the world, using technology and innovations